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Product information Bucher Hydraulics Mobile Drives 300-FL-9052002 X X      

Technical Documentation

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Technical manual MOBILE HW-Rev 010 and DCU S v4 300-I-9052003 X X      
Software reference manual MOBILE v3 300-I-9052004 X X      
Mounting instructions MOBILE DCU PSU v6 300-I-9052000 X X X X X
Mounting instructions MOBILE DCU S v3 300-I-9052001 X X X X X

Product Change Notifications (PCN)

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Certificates and Declarations

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 X X X
Declaration of Conformity ECE MOBILE (DCU S 800 V) X X  
Declaration of Conformity ECE MOBILE (DCU, DCU/PSU and PSU 800 V) X X  
Declaration of Conformity ECE MOBILE (DCU/PSU and PSU 400 V) X X  

Software Downloads

Current version of MOBILE Engineer 1.4.1 and MOBILE Starter 1.4.1


MOBILE Engineer is a homogeneous engineering software program for the planning and configuration of Bucher Hydraulics Mobile Drives devices for use in vehicle applications. A reduced freeware version of MOBILE Engineer is provided with MOBILE Starter and can be used at any time without any restrictions. The MOBILE Engineer software has been designed to meet the needs relating to the parameterisation of MOBILE devices. As the software is regarded as a further development of the familiar tool, SDT Explorer, MOBILE Engineer is downwardly compatible with SDT Explorer files.

System requirements:

  • Windows© 7 (64 bit) / Windows© 10 (64 bit)
  • For 32 bit systems the previous version 1.2.38 is available on request
  • Other versions of Microsoft Windows may also support the software but this is not guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • PC with Intel© processor, minimum 2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 1 GB HDD or equivalent
  • At least 1024 x 768 pixels screen resolution (@ Windows 10: text size 100%)
  • .NET 4.7 Software Framework (is installed automatically).
  • Installation on a computer with more than one operating system is not supported


Parallel installation of MOBILE Engineer 1.4.1 with older versions such as SDT Explorer is possible.

After installation, the user has to register in order to activate MOBILE Engineer. To do this, contact Bucher Hydraulics Mobile Drive Sales.

Software installation

Save the files MOBILE_Engineer_and_Starter to any directory on your PC.

  1. Unzip the respective ZIP files to any directory on your PC.
  2. From this directory, start the "setupMOBILEEngineer_Win64Bit.exe" file, or, when using the MOBILE Starter, the "setupMOBILEStarter_Win64Bit.exe" file.
  3. Follow the further installation instructions.

On some Windows 10 versions, there may be problems with the licensing of the Mobile Engineer. It is recommended to always install the Sentinel HASP package:
Info: You will be redirected to another webpage (Gemalto).

Please download the current licensing there: "Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer 8.15" or newer. Unpack the Sentinel HASP package. Then please close the Mobile Engineer and install the Sentinel HASP package.

MOBILE Engineer Panels

The functionality of MOBILE Engineer can be expanded with the help of so-called MOBILE Panels. Various activities such as firmware downloading, parameterisation or diagnosis of the connected devices can be facilitated and automated with these MOBILE Panels. MOBILE Panels are available for different tasks and applications.


  • MOBILE Firmware Download (Firmware- and Dataset Download)
  • MOBILE Parameter Manager (uploading and downloading of data sets, data set comparison, offline parameterization)
  • MOBILE Control Panels (control via Private CAN)
  • MOBILE Motor Setup (parameterization of the diverse control modes)
  • MOBILE Sensor Setup (position and temperature sensors)
  • MOBILE UDS Services (Ecu Reset, Fault Reset, Private CAN Enable/Disable, Store/Restore of parameter sets)
  • etc..


  • MOBILE event memory upload
  • MOBILE device identification (serial number, firmware, data set and hardware version)


The MOBILE Panels are always tied to a version of the MOBILE firmware.

  • Administrator rights are needed for installation!
  • MOBILE Engineer: single-user licence (includes the open-source components IronPython and FireEdit)
  • MOBILE Starter: reduced range of functions (includes the open-source components IronPython and FireEdit)

Firmware Downloads


In the MOBILE inverter series, the MOBILE firmware is installed when the devices are delivered. Bucher Hydraulics provides newer firmware releases with enhancements and adjustments. The extensions and adaptations for the corresponding MOBILE firmware release can be viewed in the MOBILE release notes.

The latest MOBILE firmware releases are available on our data portal LOGintern.

After the firmware download, the following files from the MOBILE firmware package are provided:

  • MOBILE firmware for DCU or DCU PSU devices
  • MOBILE standard data set (default settings)
  • MOBILE bootloader update
  • MOBILE release notes
  • MOBILE flash driver
  • MOBILE Panels
  • MOBILE Engineer configuration template (incl. Device-XML's and panels)
  • Symbol files (Vector DBC, Peak System PCAN Explorer) for CAN communication



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